Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bills v. Saints Preview

I am looking forward to the first preseason game of the season for the Buffalo Bills. I want to see how well J.P. Losman and Lee Evans will be able to work together. I want to see Marshawn Lynch run the ball, and I want to see how the offensive line plays together. The defense will certainly have their hands full with Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. We will see if the Bills will have a reasonable defense or a defense that cannot stop anyone. I think Paul Posluzny will add alot to the defense. Bills win 27-20. But preseason doesn't mean anything.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Season Tix

I am surprised to hear that the Buffalo Bills are at their highest season ticket number since 1994, with that number possibly even climbing depending on their preseason appearance. I think a lot of people like J.P. Losman, like what Marv Levy has done, are glad Willis McGahee is gone, and most importantly want to show the NFL that Buffalo supports their Bills, unlike possibly last year. I have a good feeling people like me who like watching games on television won't be worried about games being blacked out.

Hall of Fame

The Thurmanator will finally be going into the NFL Hall of Fame after one of the successful careers in Buffalo Bills history. He played with passion and always was a fan favorite and I am glad to see Marv Levy being the one to present him. I hope his father feels better. Thanks TT.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Marshawn Lynch signs

This just in, Marshawn Lynch has signed with the Bills for 5 years and around $19 million. He sounds eager to be at practice tomarrow.

J.P. Update

It's too bad that J.P. Losman was injured for the first day of training camp. but it sounds like he'll be on the field soon and hopefully when he teams up with Marshawn Lynch and Lee Evans, the offense will be tremendous. Peerless Price dislocated a finger today at practice.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Training Camp

I am really looking forward to how the Bills training camp will be. I believe that if the offensive line stays healthy and is able to gel, that both the running game behind Marshawn Lynch and the passing game fueled by J.P. Losman could be a major asset to the bills. The big question for the Bills is whether they will be able to stop anyone. They lost Nate Clements via free agency, one of the best cover corners in the league when he feels like playing. It will be interesting to see how well Dante Whitner and Ko Simpson do in the secondary, both having around a full season of playing time. Paul Posluzny is most likely going to be the new middle linebacker, and hopes are that his blue-collar, winning attitude will provide leadership and teamwork to a linebacker core that lost London Fletcher and Takeo Spikes. I liked Ellison last year and Angelo Crowell has been ranked on's all-underrated team. I think Darwin Walker from a football point of view would be a good addition, but I would not do anything drastic to get him into camp. I think John McCargo and Ashton Youboty will both emerge into solid NFL players after doing next to nothing last year. One guy to watch out for I feel is a new special teams (Steve Tasker-esque) gunner, John Wieldling. He has great athleticism and intelligence and I think he could be a good player. I can't wait until preseason against the Saints.

Friday, June 8, 2007

J.P. Losman

J.P. Losman has gone from barely hanging on to the starting quarterback to being one of the team's most valuable leaders. He has become one of the voices of the team. He, along with his go to receiver Lee Evans and his new rookie running back Marshawn Lynch are looking to turn an offense that went from awful to good by the late stages of 2006, to a wide open explosive offense in 2007. Despite the loss of some key defensive players and pessimistic thoughts of the national analysts, many locals feel that being led by Losman, the team can realistically make it to playoffs in 2007, just two years away from an awful season when the team just collapsed.